Used Book Trade in Policy




Used books, CDs and DVDs in very good condition may be traded in for credit for 

other used book or audio. We do not pay cash. 

Used book credit may only be used towards the purchase of other used items and cannot be 

used for new items. 

For the books that we accept, you may receive up to 25% of the publisher's list price (if a 

hardcover book is now in paperback, it will be valued at the paperback price) for 

trade-in credit depending on condition. Trade-In credit on CDs and DVDs vary. You can use 

the credit towards purchasing other used books but you will still be responsible for sales tax. 

We will hold your credit here at the store and update it as you make purchases Please bring in 

no more than 30 books at a time. We can't always examine them for trade-In right away but 

will try to get back to you quickly. Please let the clerk know If you want any rejected books 

back or If you just want to donate them to our $1.00 cart. We have the right to refuse any book 

for trade credit at any time. 


Books must be in very good condition ! Please-these are to sell. 

No stains, highlighting, stickers 
No torn covers, broken spines, loose pages 
No smells, i.e.. smoke, mildew

Books We Want: 

Trade Paperbacks: fiction and nonfiction 
Children's books: chapter, picture nonfiction 
Mass Market books in Prime Condition 
Selected Hardcovers: fiction, nonfiction 

Books We Cannot Accept: 

Library discards 
Most Hardcover books 
Romance series 
Manuals, especially out-of-date 
Travel Books, especially out-of-date 
Rare or Antique books 
Condensed versions 

You can also donate your old books to the Friends of the Library book-sales.